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Doubletree Tucson Reid Park
445 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ

It is a tradition for gallery owners and designers to gather in Tucson every year and search for new and exciting beads, gemstones, and jewelry –and To Bead True Blue is at the top of the list, showcasing artists... READ MORE

Jan 28 - Feb 4 • 2017 • 10am to 6pm
Some Exhibits Jan 28-Feb 2 or 3-4
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Show Begins in 94 Days

...chosen by invitation and juried application. All told over 700 artisan booths, galleries, and merchant displays are presented by well-known artisans and emerging designers, with beadmakers, jewelers, metalworkers, gemcutters, clay and fiber artists, weavers, and hat makers. The product list encompasses rarely-exhibited lampwork glass bead masterpieces, hand-crafted artistic polymer and silver clay beads, vintage, and antique beads, as well as a vast assortment of artisan resources, components and hard-to-find boutique arts such as hand-dyed silks, hand-woven textiles, handmade accessories, handbags, and embellished trims. By consistently offering high-quality merchandise to gallery owners and designers –To Bead True Blue defines what a bead show should be.

Christi Friesen

The detail in these hand-sculpted, Aztec-themed, polymer clay beads, art vessels, necklaces, and pendants, reminds us of ancient hardstone carvings. There is no limit to the possibilities. Beads are embellished with stuff like gemstones, semi-precious stone beads, crystals, fossils, natural pearls, glass beads, shell, found objects, vintage elements.

Clay River Designs

We are a Colorado company specializing in the design and production of handmade porcelain beads, porcelain pendants, and jewelry since 1973. The porcelain pendant designs begin with our original drawing, and progress through multiple firings, polishings and glazings, resulting in an exclusive signature piece of art.

Grace Lampwork Beads

Grace Ma’s handmade lampwork glass beads are made with careful quality control to insure their consistent beauty and quality. "I love to share my vision and design with others. With my beads, you can turn them into a piece of beautiful jewelry. There is too much similarity in the commercial world. These beads will show off your personality.”

Starman, Inc.

The premium collection of Wholesale Czech fire polish, handmade Czech lampwork, Czech crystal, hand pressed Czech beads, rhinestone findings, glass pearls, cut glass beads, and TOHO seed beads, size 11, 15, 8 and 6 along with bead mixes and kits. Wholesale Only.



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The Tucson Bead Show
500 Exhibitors · Galleries · Merchant Displays · Wholesale & Retail
January 28 – February 4, 2017 · 10am to 6pm · Complimentary On-site Parking
Doubletree Reid Park | 445 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ | Special To Bead True Blue Room Rate

To Bead True Blue

To Bead True Blue offers 500 bead displays, artisan booths, galleries, merchant showrooms, and workshops. Since it debuted 12 years ago with 50 exhibits, it has grown to 50,000 square feet of exhibit space, and has changed some commonly held preconceptions of what a bead show should be.

By showcasing the most important names in artistic bead making, along with unusual and imaginative handmade products, original clothing, fine gemstones, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and handwoven textiles, it has become true to the lineage of design.

The beadmakers are selected for their original, handmade, one-of-a-kind designs that reflect both traditional handwork and design innovation. Many handmade beads and jewelry designs, hard-to-find, with unmatched quality, and will be offered here for the first time by the artists themselves.

The range of beads is extraordinary –artistic, contemporary lampworked glass beads, handcut crystal and stone beads, hand modelled clay beads, rare, vintage and antique beads, shell, dichroic, fabric, wood, resin, gold, silver, copper, and brass beads, tribal, trade, ethnographic, pre-Columbian, Roman glass, and Egyptian scarab beads.

There are also wholesale merchants with an extensive selection of wholesale beads, large in-stock inventories of jewelry supplies such as Czech glass, seed, pearl, shell, silver, and brass beads, beading and lampwork tools, findings, and stringing supplies.

The show features jewelry suppliers, gemstone merchants, and nomadic traders, with objects including but not limited to collectibles, antiquities, artifacts, rare ethnographic objects, unusual gold and silver pieces, carved gemstones and pendants, champlevé enamel, uncut garnets, Gablonzer crystals, vintage jewelry components and findings, costume jewelry, hard-to-find ceremonial and  tribal objects, and handmade earrings.

Another highlight of the show is its exceptional selection of boutique arts and design, such as hand-dyed silks, wools, and cottons; felted hats and jackets; hand-sewn skirts and blouses; handwoven rugs, textiles, and kilims; art clothing, artwear, wearable art; hand painted silks, kimono fabrics, shibori dresses; handspun fibers, boutique yarns, spun wool; vintage laces, ribbons, buttons, and embroideries; nomadic textiles, tribal rugs, and ceremonial tapestries; antique baskets and carved boxes.

In addition to exhibits, the show presents 8,000 square feet of workshops and classes, taught by respected instructors, with step-by-step instruction for all skill levels in such techniques as hand knotting, glass pendants, bead making, soldering, jewelry design, mixed media, polymer clay, resin jewelry, enamelling, metal and wirework.

To Bead True Blue has changed some commonly held preconceptions of what a bead show should be. It has become a vibrant showcase –bringing buyers from around the world. Attendees tell us it exceeds their expectations. The beads that pleased the eye for thousands of years are remarkably resilient, and true to the lineage of design.

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To Bead True Blue begins with bringing together the best exhibitors –established and emerging artisans and high-quality merchants. The artisans are selected for their skills in artistic beadmaking, lapidary arts, jewelry design, polymer clay, and fiber arts –skills that make it possible to create original, handmade, one-of-a-kind designs, which reflect both traditional handwork and contemporary design. The merchants are chosen for their selection of quality jewelry elements and artisan supplies and for their ability to offer exclusive lines –and many are offered only at To Bead True Blue.

To Bead True Blue invites attendees to get introduced to exhibitors they have interest in by visiting their websites. Many artisans have international status, while others have spent years on improving the quality of their art, reviving lost techniques and working with antique tools. Some beadmakers and jewelry designers work for months to offer exclusive new pieces at To Bead True Blue.

These exhibitors make it possible for To Bead True Blue to showcase rarely-exhibited lampwork glass beads, hand-crafted artistic polymer and silver clay beads, fused glass and porcelain pendants, including a range of contemporary, vintage, and antique beads, along with imaginative handmade products, original clothing, fine gemstones, one-of-a-kind jewelry, handwoven textiles, and other masterpieces of design.

The show also features artisans in residence –8,000 square feet of workshops, design classes, and do-it-yourself projects, taught by respected instructors, with step-by-step tutoring for all skill levels. Attendees are invited to roll up their sleeves and take part in handwork techniques such as hand knotting, glass pendants, bead making, soldering, jewelry design, mixed media, polymer clay, resin jewelry, and enameling.

Whatever your interest, trade, craft, or passion, whether it is glass beads, seed pearls, porcelains, handsewn clothing, kumihimo, chainmaille jewelry, metal work, wire work, mokume gane, or talismans jewelry, To Bead True Blue will put you face-to-face with the artisans and merchants who produce the colors, motifs, and textures of design.

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To Bead True Blue presents a series of useful, hands-on workshops and classes called artisans in residence. The show sets aside 8,000 square feet to make a vibrant studio-like setting for creative workshops. The projects feature step-by-step instruction for all skill levels, and most include materials and tools (some advanced workshops require the participant to supply their own materials and tools).

We are all born creative, but there are times when help from a talented artisan may be an eye-opening experience. Creative workshops offer attendees an opportunity to roll up their sleeves, explore their creative side, learn hand knotting, polymer clay, jewelry design, art clay silver, bead making, and mixed media.

Workshops are taught at “all levels”, “beginner”, “intermediate”, and “advanced”. The “intermediate” and “advanced” levels may have the need for some skills such as wire working and are recommended for students who already have some experience or have completed one of the “beginner” classes offered. Classes offered at “all levels” and “beginner” are for all areas of expertise from novice to expert, with no prior skills.

The To Bead True Blue team of beadmakers, jewelry designers, and fiber artists has a  reputation for providing instruction in traditional and modern skills and techniques. The more advanced workshops provide specialized training that both instructs and inspires us to further explore the creative potential of handwork.

Workshops are taught by skilled artisans, craftspeople, and master beadmakers who work side-by-side with the students. Most workshops and classes are between 2 to 5 hours, but some may take up to 8 hours depending on the techniques that are taught.

There are other opportunities throughout the show, such as mini-workshops, “make & takes”, demonstrations, and design performances, every day, normally lasting about 30 minutes, which offer a peak into ways of exploring a new medium.

Many workshops include all materials and tools, however some require that you bring or purchase materials. Other classes may include only part of the materials –check with the teacher for a complete list of materials and tools that are provided or needed.

The artisans in residence workshops fill up quickly, early reservation is recommended. Workshop registration is straightforward and simple to complete –just follow directions located at the end of each workshop description on the workshop list.

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About Us

Garan-Beadagio established its reputation as an original promoter by exhibiting handmade artistic beads as fine art. In just in a few years it has changed some commonly held preconceptions of what a bead show should be.

The beadmakers and designers are selected for design innovation and for unmatched quality. Each show is the result of a great deal of planning, which begins with bringing  together the best exhibitors, chosen by invitation and juried application. There are also wholesale merchants, jewelry suppliers, fiber artists, and nomadic traders.

The idea is to present artisan beads, jewelry and clothing not as manufactured goods but as personal art forms, created out of skillfullness and innovation, designs that last forever. To accomplish this, Garan-Beadagio discards the usual trade show floor plan for an expansive, yet intimate and creative setting, with elegant displays which will enhance colors, motifs, and textures.

Garan-Beadagio hosts five shows annually, and each show provides attendees with a range of high-quality, original, handmade, works of art, which are exhibited in elegant displays that are more like boutiques and galleries –an exhibit space might come into view as an alcove of gemstones, an atrium of decorative silk hangings, or an ancient Mesopotamian courtyard of jewelry and ornamental saddle cloths, a cavern flowing with antique beads and objets d’art.

Each show features artisans in residence –workshops and classes, taught by artisans, with step-by-step instruction for all skill levels, in hand knotting, glass pendants, bead making, soldering, jewelry design, mixed media, polymer clay, and resin jewelry.

The colors and textures of bead, lapidary, jewelry, ceramic, and textile arts, reshaped the way our ancestors thought of themselves, and continue to define and illustrate the reality of modern life. With its approach to beads and ornament as themes of symbol and renewal, Garan-Beadagio promotes the most influential bead shows in the world.

Pasadena Bead & Design Show | Bead & Boutique Arts Show
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